What is Scudden Death?

Scudden Death is a FREEWARE two player split screen war game. Two players fight wars against each other in real-time, using different units, like planes, choppers, cars and turrets.

Each war is divided into battles. The two players try to destroy each other's Head Quarter to win a battle, and they must win two battles to win a war. Each time a player kills one of his opponent's units, he earns money. This money can be used to buy units and ammo in the shop between wars.

The game has got many levels for you to play on, and you can also make your own, or add levels made by others.


Windows 95 or 98.
7 MB free RAM.
7 MB of hard drive space.
DirectX 6.0 or better.

Recommended specifications

2 MB 2D video RAM or better.
A Pentium 200 MHz processor or better.
A joypad/joystick in addition to the keyboard. (It may be a problem with two players using the keyboard at once, as many keyboards does not support holding down more than 3-4 keys at once.)

The units

(hold mouse cursor over an image to view the unit's name.)
chopper dig car gun car bomb car missile car
gun turret missile turret head quarter radar plane

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