New! (14.aug.2004) The source code for Scudden Death v1.4 is released! Go to the downloads page.

Scudden Death is a freeware two player split screen war game. Two players fight wars against each other in real-time, using different units, like planes, choppers, cars and turrets.

Scudden Death is made by Bjørn Berggren / Domenic Team. It was first released back in 2001.

Download it now! (v1.4 size 892 kb)
click on image to download

Go to the downloads page to get a patch if you have an old version (v1.1 or 1.3), and you will also find the source code of the game, and older versions of the game there.

The bug that caused the game to crash on some computers, is now fixed. (Special thanks goes out to Evan for helping me fix this bug.)

Cheats! Gunner on the plane: Create a team called Mounted Guns, or rename an existing one. This is done by entering the teams folder in the Scudden Death game folder, and creating a txt-file called Mounted Guns.txt, or you can rename an existing txt-file. For the cheat to be activated when you play, you must each time you start the game enter the team menu and select the team you just created.
Fire more rapidly, and emit more smoke: Create a team called Rapid Fire. It is activated the same way as the first cheat. To activate both cheats, one of the players must select the Mounted Guns team, and the other player the Rapid Fire team.

I have made a sequal for Scudden Death, called Scudden Death 2. It's shareware, but check it out at

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